We introduce a computer program for time series tuning and analysis. The well known in paleo-climatic community program AnalySeries after Paillard et al. is restricted to the Mac OS (32-bit) and, according to Apple plans to move entirely onto the 64-bit system, it will not be supported in the future upgrades of Macintosh OS. QAnalySeries is an attempt to re-implement the major functionality of AnalySeries thus providing the community with a useful tool. QAnalySeries is written using Qt SDK as a free software and can be run on Macintosh, Windows and Linux systems. 

Data, target, time model must be a text two columns file with delimiters (space, tab, ",", ";" ). First column must be depth or time in increasing order. Adding and deleting of tie points are the same as in original AnalySeries with "Shift" and "Alt" buttons ("Shift-Alt-LeftButtonClick" to delete a tie on Ubuntu).