Here there are public versions of our tool "DBViewer", accessing data content available at

Qt C++ based DataBaseViewer, v. 1.3.2, an application for dynamic IODP database (Earthsequencing version) connection, query, preview, pre-processing (de-trending, outliers and jumps removal, sub-selection, resampling, normalisation, filtering) and data saving. Starting v. 1.2.1, the Site Core Recovery chart is added.

Different versions exist for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (Ubuntu). (MacOS),  no need for installation. Download and run The app is codesigned.

setupDBViewer.exe (Windows), download setupDBViewer.exe, run installation.

DBViewer.tar.gz (Ubuntu), download and unpack DBViewer.tar.gz, run "./DBViewer" from DBViewer directory.

Current versions are available at

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