We introduce a computer program for time series tuning and analysis.

The well known in paleo-climatic community program AnalySeries after Paillard et al. is restricted to the Mac OS (32-bit) and no longer compatible with current versions of Macintosh OS. QAnalySeries is an attempt to re-implement the major functionality of AnalySeries thus providing the community with a useful tool. QAnalySeries is written using Qt SDK as a free software and can be run on Macintosh, Windows and Linux systems. 

If you find this useful, please cite 

QAnalySeries-a cross-platform time series tuning and analysis tool
S Kotov, H Pälike - AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, PP53D-1230, 2018

Data, target, time model must be a text two columns file with delimiters (space, tab, ",", ";" ). First column must be depth or time in increasing order. Adding and deleting of tie points are the same as in original AnalySeries with "Shift" and "Alt" buttons ("Shift-Alt-LeftButtonClick" to delete a tie on Ubuntu).

An experimental new version of QAnalySeries is now also available for testing at https://paloz.marum.de/QAnalySeriesWASM/index.html.
This version runs inside the user's browser, and is generated as a Webassembly "Web-App".

Limitation on mobile devices

Note that this version does not yet implement touch-screen gestures, and thus it is not currently possible to pinch-zoom. On Desktop machines a mouse-wheel allows horizontal zooming (or full zooming when additionally the Shift key is pressed).

This version includes an initial version of a Spectral Analysis function (under the Tools→Spectral Analysis Menu).
Data can be uploaded and downloaded to the local computer. Astronomical data can be downloaded on demand.


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  1. current version: v1.5.0

    v. 1.5.0 of QAS is available: Fixed bug with opening of Project file;
    Import data from csv multi-column tables with automatic recognition of headers in the first line.
    "...Data, target, time model must be read from a text multi-columns ‘csv’ file with delimiters (space, tab, ",", ";" ). First line can be column headers (delimited variable names without spaces inside), the program will automatically recognise them as non numerical values.  Select X (Depth/Age) and Y (Value) columns with drop-down lists. X column must be in increasing order...."

  2. current version: v1.5.1

    A little bug fixed and titles added in “Save data with ages” dialog;
    A little bug in “Integrated insolation” is fixed. Does not make sense for tuning but for absolute insolation values in short interval time (see “Palinsol” R library)

  3. QAS_152_mac_notarized is the first version that is a Universal (x86_64, arm64) binary.

  4. new macOS version 1.5.3 fixes bug with "Save Data with ages"