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  • A dynamic database system with fast data retrieval and comprehensive machine-enabled data access (Description and data snapshot)
  • Application for dynamic IODP database (Earthsequencing version) connection, query, preview, pre-processing (de-trending, outliers and jumps removal, sub-selection, resampling, normalisation, filtering) and data saving. (DBViewer)
  • Dynamic Time Warping software (DTW-LAZARUS)
  • A prototype view of ODP/IODP data (
  • A high-resolution frequency analysis tool using Laskar's NAFF method.
  • A tool to implement Taner bandpass filtering and Hilbert transforming for instantaneous amplitude and frequency analysis (tanerHilbert).
  • A tool to access ODP/IODP core images, stitched per Core on-demand. (IODPImageSplicer).
  • A macOS tool to plot Thomson Multitaper evolutive spectra. (SPECTROGRAM).
  • A cross-platform (Unix, macOS, Windows) tool similar to AnalySeries (QAnalySeries).
  • Adaptation of Scientific Workflow system to EARTHSEQUENCING data (Kepler-EARTHSEQUENCING).
  • A tool to directly incorporate data from PANGAEA into our workflows: (PANGAEACLIENT).
  • The tool AstroSolution allows the calculation of orbital solutions (Eccentricity, Obliquity, climatic precession etc.): (AstroSolution). Hosted WebApp.